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2010 Video Archive

Wonderfest 2010 was held at Stanford University and UC Berkeley on November 6 & 7, respectively.

Jane McGonigal, Director of Game Research, Institute for the Future
Philip Zimbardo, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Stanford

Keith Devlin, H-STAR Institute Executive Director, Stanford
Alejandro Garcia, Professor of Physics, San Jose State

Paul Berg, Nobel Laureate & Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, Stanford [Industrial Chemistry]
Richard Zare, Priestley Medalist & Chemistry Department Chair, Stanford [Synthetic Biology]

Julio Friedmann, Carbon Management Program Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Jane C.S. Long, Associate Director at Large, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

David DeGusta, Research Paleontologist, Paleoanthropology Institute
Henry Gilbert, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, CSU East Bay

Lloyd Knox, Professor of Physics, UC Davis
Chung-Pei Ma, Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley

Author Ransom Stephens

Author Ken Croswell

TWIS Live Podcast with Dr. Kirsten “Kiki” Sanford & Justin Jackson