Radical Physics Intro: God’s Thoughts & the Awesome Machinery of Nature (RP1)

Apr 17, 2012   //   by Tucker   //   Radical Physics, RPn  //  3 Comments

Wonderfest presents the first episode of Radical Physics (RP), RP1 – God’s Thoughts and the Awesome Machinery of Nature. This engaging introduction to physics reveals the power, scope, and beauty of humankind’s deepest understanding of nature. Please join me for a rewarding, mind-opening experience. As Jack Conte sings in the RP introduction: “See the universe through a brand new set of eyes.”  - Tucker Hiatt

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  • Very cool Tucker. Adding this to my bookmarks.

    • Thank you, Ron! How the heck did you discover Radical Physics? Regarding Wonderfest’s promotional efforts (so far), the term “well kept secret” seems to apply. 8-)

    • BTW, Ron, you (rrmatte) have the very coolest pirate email address: Arrr Arrr Matey!

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