Upcoming Events

  • Mind Puzzles, Aug 13 Mind Puzzles WonderfestWhat if our soundest, most reasonable judgments are beyond our control? Are the feelings of being rational and having free will generated by conscious decisions or involuntary brain mechanisms? Is there a way to resolve the conflict between our innate biology and our traditional beliefs? Dr. Robert A. Burton, author of “A Skeptic’s Guide to the Mind,” reveals what neuroscience can (and cannot) tell us about ourselves.
  • Whatever Happened to Homo erectus? Aug 20 homo erectus - wonderfestWho’s your (ancient) daddy? Did he walk upright? Could he control fire? Did he have a brow ridge that wouldn’t quit? Then maybe he was a Homo of the erectus — not so sapient — type. Many new Homo erectus specimens
  • Science Laughs with Norm Goldblatt, July 23 Science Comedian Normal Goldblattome laugh with Dr. Norm Goldblatt, physicist and laser engineer. He’ll take you on a tour of his crazy world that unites left and right brain. Come one come all, young or old. NOT for geeks only. Everyone will enjoy thinking and giggling. Laugh AT him or WITH him; he doesn’t care.