Wonderfest Advisory Board

J. Michael Bishop, Nobel Laureate, former Chancellor, University of California at San Francisco

Dr. Dean Edell, M.D., ABC/KGO Television and Radio, San Francisco

Timothy Ferris, Science Writer, Emeritus Professor of Journalism, UC Berkeley

Christopher McKee, Acting Dean, Division of Mathematics & Physical Sciences, UC Berkeley

Jacob Needleman, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, San Francisco State University

David Perlman, Science Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

Eugenie Scott, Chair, Advisory Council, National Center for Science Education, Oakland

Robert Siegel, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Stanford University

Barbara Tversky, Emerita Professor of Psychology, Stanford University

Dan Werthimer, Director of SETI@home, University of California at Berkeley

Richard Zare, Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University