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  • Pleasure vs. Happiness – Feb 25Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco
    25 February, 2018

    Pleasure vs. Happiness – Feb 25

  • MISSION: MARS – Feb 21, East BayDr. Pascal Lee, Planetary Scientist, Mars Institute & SETI Institute; Director, NASA Haughton-Mars Project, NASA Ames Research Center
    21 February, 2018

    The first human mission to Mars will be our greatest adventure in the 21st-century. As with all expeditions, its success will depend on planning. The first steps are already under way: achieving longer spaceflight missions, planning for deep space journeys beyond the Moon, and exploring extreme terrestrial environments as Mars “analogs.” Dr. Lee will discuss ...

  • MISSION: MARS – Feb 20Dr. Pascal Lee, Planetary Scientist
    20 February, 2018

    Dr. Pascal Lee explores the what, why, how, when, and who of our first journey to the Red Planet.

  • The Secret Life of Viruses – Feb 17Dr. Robert Siegel, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology, Stanford

    Stanford microbiologist Dr. Robert Siegel shines light on the basic structure and function of viruses. He also explores those features that distinguish viruses from the living organisms they commandeer.

  • The Human Drive to Explain – Feb 8Dr. Tania Lombrozo, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

    Cognitive psychologist Tania Lombrozo suggests that our “drive to explain” itself explains some of the most remarkable human achievements, but also some of our failings.

  • Gene Editor Wins ’17 Sagan Prize, Jan 17Dr. Jennifer Doudna, Professor of Chemistry and of Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley

    Dr. Jennifer Doudna receives Wonderfest’s 2017 Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization.

  • Cosmic Gold & Neutron Stars – Jan 7Eliot Quataert, Professor of Astronomy, UC Berkeley

    Astronomer Eliot Quataert describes the remarkable new results coming out of our first steps into the gravitational wave era of cosmic exploration.